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How to choose explosion proof light?
View:247 Oct 23, 2019  


How to choose explosion proof light


Explosion proof lights are the lights can be used in dangerous places for the presence of flammable gases and dusts. They can prevent arcs, sparks and high-temperature flammable gases and dusts in the surrounding environment, thus achieving explosion-proof requirements.


Choosing explosion proof lights should confirm the following requirements:


1. Explosion proof mark

2. Type of light source: fluorescent lamp, LED lamp, metal halide lamp.

3. Power of the light(Watt).

4. Shell material: mainly made of cast aluminum, stainless steel (n-type), resin plastic (increased safety).

5. Protection level (indoor, outdoor).

6. One-piece or split type (separate ballast box).

7. Various installation methods: flange type, guardrail type, boom type, ceiling type, wall type.

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