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Disposable face mask

Disposable face mask is to protect against dust fluids germs, weather and  SARS-CoV-2 Coronvirus.

You can wear it when travelling through congested airports bus terminals malls parks and busy city streets and it can help protect one of your most vital assets which is your respiratory system.

How to use

Hang the face mask with its rope on the ears, and make sure your nose and chi are covered with it as well as the face.

Press the part of the face mask tightly which is close to the nose to make sure it is fully covered well.

Press the face mask on the face tightly, and make sure it is very close to the contour of your face.

Matters needing attention

1. Please use immediately after unpacking

2. Replace the mask when it is contaminated or damaged

3. This product is a disposable product,

it is strictly forbidden to reuse

4. Damaged packaging or masks

are prohibited using

5. The nose bridge should be compacted to prevent leakage when using

6. Please dispose according to medical waste treatment methods after use


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